Documentation for version 1 (v1) of this API.


API Endpoints

Search through objects

This endpoint lets you search for objects by specifying various parameters. Below you can find a list of all searchable properties and examples. All results of your search are sorted by the name of the object in ascending order.


name and sub_type are searched for by looking for objects whose name/sub_type contains the value you provide. Those searches are case-insensitive, while the rest are simple lookups for matching strings.


These properties support a wider variety of searches. You can either search for exact values (eg. all objects with atk = 10) but also specify value ranges. Ranges can be specified with an object containing one or more of lt (less than), gt (greather than), lte (less than equal) or get (greater than equal). The wider operand will be used, which means if you specify lte AND lt, lte will be used.


To list all objects with atk-value of 10:

    "atk": 10

To list all objects with cost between 3-6 and atk of 5

    "cost": {
        "lte": 6,
        "gte": 3
    "atk": 5



To list all objects that are Artifacts and Troops

    "type": ["Artifact", "Troop"] // this is case-sensitive but the order of the elements does not matter, so ["Troop", "Artifact"] works too

To list all objects with thresholds: Wild 1, Ruby 1

    "threshold": [{
        "shard": "Wild", // same here, these array elements can be sorted differently
        "quantity": 1
    }, {
        "shard": "Ruby",
        "quantity": 1

What do those properties mean?

To get an idea what values each property described above can have and also to have a dynamic source to look it up there is a dedicated endpoint to explore the data. All results of your query are sorted by the chosen property in ascending order.


If you want to know which different values the property rarity can have, try GET /v1/objects/properties/rarity, which yields:

    "", // eg. Gems, Packs, Sleeves, etc.


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